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Free YouTube to MP3 Converter Studio 9.0

Helps you download YouTube videos and save their audio streams as MP3 files
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No doubt YouTube is one of the best sources you can choose to listen to your favorite songs or playlists. However, using it requires a permanent Internet connection. But, what if you wish to, for example, listen to your songs offline on your portable MP3 player? Well, thanks to Free YouTube to MP3 Converter Studio you can download and save them as MP3 files once and for all, and playback them offline anywhere. Of course, you can not only download songs, but also speeches, lectures, narrations and everything you can find on YouTube.

Getting the audio streams of your favorite YouTube videos downloaded on your PC is really an easy task, thanks to the program's intuitive and self-descriptive user interface. One of its most helpful features monitors your clipboard in real time, so every YouTube video's URL you copy to your clipboard is automatically analyzed and added for download to the program's list. However, you can also manually paste one or more videos' URLs in a special window to add them all to the download list with one click, if your prefer so. Every video in your download list is shown with its title, duration, video format, download size and a thumbnail, which helps you avoid downloading the wrong videos.

Once you download list is ready, you can start downloading all the videos at once or in a one-by-one basis. The program allows you to configure the maximum number of simultaneous downloads, the output folder, the download quality, the output format (WAV available besides MP3) and whether to keep the downloaded source video after the audio extraction. Moreover, the program can also save the ID3 tags of the resulting audio files for you, using the information available in YouTube for them. Finally, you can also enable the so-called "Quick Download Options" panel, which offers you a practical way to set the download quality, the output format and the output folder, without requiring to open the "Settings" window.

All in all, when it comes to extracting the audio stream from your favorite YouTube videos, I would say that Free YouTube to MP3 Converter Studio is one of the best options available at the moment, despite the great number of similar tools available on the market. Given that this is a free tool, I see no reason to avoid trying it. The program's user interface can be rotated among nine popular languages.

Ricardo Soria
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  • Intuitive and self-descriptive interface
  • Monitors your clipboard in real time for videos' URLs
  • Saves the ID3 tags info for your audio files automatically
  • You can keep the downloaded video files after the audio extraction
  • 9 languages available for its user interface


  • The "Add YouTube Links" window is practically useless
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